LMSK small

Due to unpredictable epidemiological situation in the country, please follow the information regarding the hunt test for young dogs.


Location: Laivu bāze ‘’Dālderi’’, Babīte, Babīte district

Time: individual time for each participant

Judges: J.Štrekkere, P. Zvaigzne, A. Zvaigzne

Entry fees (only letter of guarantee):

  • LMSK club members EUR 25,00 per dog
  • Other FCI club members EUR 30,00 per dog
  • Foreign participants EUR 35,00 per dog

Membership checks - by prior appointment!
Please send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following documents:

  1. copy of pedigree
  2. the completed application
  3. guarantee letter

Information and how to apply by phone. +371 29425926!

Dogs age from 6 till 24 months.

You can apply until 01.09.2021. or the maximum amount of participators is reached.


  1. Krievu spaniels CEZDEBOYAR BARON īp. J. Jasons, LV 1. pakāpe, 100 punkti
  2. Vācu īsspalvainais putnusuns ARABEL REX CEMMER RADO īp. S. Eglīte,2. pakāpe, 79 punkti
  3. Ungāru vižla (īssp.) ANNILLAT’ZI DREAM DIVA LATTE īp. R. Briedis , 2. pakāpe, 78 punkti
  4. Angļu seters LUCKY CUM AMORE īp. N. Jaunrodziņa, 2. pakāpe, 70 punkti
  5. Vācu īsspalvainais putnusuns NIGHT FORCE FIGHT īp. A. Kuzņecova, LV 3. pakāpe, 73 punkti
  6. Vācu īsspalvainais putnusuns AMADEO EPSILON LYRA īp. A. Sēja, 3. pakāpe, 67 punkti
  7. Veimārietis (īssp.) ARTO ZIPPER PRINCESS STELLA GRISEO īp. O. Gaidamanova, 65 punkti, 3. pakāpe
  8. Angļu seters LAGRAND CUM AMORE īp. N. Jaunrodziņa, 3. pakāpe, 65 punkti
  9. Ungāru vižla NAMEJS KING MAŽAS BROLIS īp. B. Amoliņa & L. Blumberga ,LV , 3. pakāpe, 62 punkti
  10. Vācu asspalvainais putnusuns HEART GRACEFLIX īp. I. Reņģe, 66 punkti, bez diploma
  11. Veimārietis (īssp.) ZULLA PRINCESS STELLA GRISEO 50 punkti, bez diploma
  12. Veimārietis (īssp.) AKSELS DREIKS STELLA GRISEO īp. E. Blohina, bez diploma
  13. Vācu asspalvainais putnusuns HEIRA GODDESS GRACEFLIX īp. U. Romaņenko, bez diploma