LMSK small

~ for various hunting breeds with the skill of tracking wounded game

Location: Ķekavas district

Start: at 11:00

Registration: at 10:45

Judge: J.Štrekkere, V.Jurgone

Entry fees:

  • LMSK club members EUR 35,00 per dog
  • Other FCI club members EUR 40,00 per dog
  • Foreign participants EUR 45,00 per dog

Please send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following documents:

  1. copy of pedigree;
  2. the completed application form;
  3. guarantee letter.

Information and how to apply by phone. +371 29272444!

You can apply latest until the 25.10.2022 or when the maximum of participants is reached.

Places are limited!



30.10.2022., ĶEKAVAS NOVADS

1. Chesapeake Bay Retriever ANDY FLINT BIRA BROMAHI, own. G.Kļavinskis, LV – I degree, 100 points
2. Dachshund smooth- haired CAROLINA INDIGO DACH, own. I. Krilova, LV - I degree, 91 points
3. Bavarian mountain hound FLASH RUBY VAIVARU DZIŅAS, own. M.Klindžāns, LV – I degree, 90 points
4. Bavarian mountain hound NORA FOREST PAW, own. A.Kapenieks, LV – I degree, 89 points
5. Louisiana catahoula SLIMANS MIAMI, own. M. Necka, LV – I degree, 88 points
6. Bavarian mountain hound PIONERY RIAI HEIDI, own. K. Lemberga, LV – II degree, 81 points
7. Louisiana catahoula SHEDHORNS BLAZE, own. M. Necka, LV – II degree, 78 points
8. Bavarian mountain hound DARGO ASCHENSONNE, own. A. Čukna, LV - II degree, 72 points
9. Dachshund smooth- haired QUEEN-DACHS ALFA, own.I. Fedčenko, LV - III degree, 61 points
10. Russian spaniel BARON CEZDEBOYAR, own. J. Jasons, LV – 72 points, without diploma
11. Bavarian mountain hound PIONERY RIAI JAKIRA, own I. Čuhnova-Rancāne, LV – without diploma


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