LMSK small

Location: Eglaine, Inčukalns, Latvia

Start: at 10:00
Registration: at 09:30

Judges: I.Vilks, J.Štrekkere

Entry fees (for one day):

  • LMSK club members EUR 35,00 per dog
  • Other FCI club members EUR 40,00 per dog
  • Foreign participants EUR 50,00 per dog

Membership checks - by prior appointment!

Please send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.the following documents:

  1. copy of pedigree
  2. the completed application
  3. guarantee letter for payment

Information and how to apply by phone. +371 29272444!
Places are limited! You can apply latest until the maximum of participants is reached.


23.09.2023., INČUKALNS

1. West siberian laika KASEMETSA VINETA, own. Toomas Juhalo – I degree, 87 points, CACT certificate
2. West siberian laika BONI, own. Ligitas Preimontas – II degree, 79 points 
3. West siberian laika TAHIR, own. Raivo Matrov - II degree, 79 points
4. West siberian laika ZENA, own. Jaanus Lind – II degree, 73 points
5. West siberian laika ORIS PEŠTUKAI, own. Irmantas Lekavičius, – III degree, 61 points
6. West siberian laika FRANKO, own. Toomas Juhalo- III degree, 60 points
7. West siberian laika JINO SAVA GIRIA, own. Jaanus Lind – III degree, 60 points
8. West siberian laika VENUS, own. Marina Antipova - without diploma
9. West siberian laika JARDAS ULYTELE, own. Rolandas Alekna - without diploma
10. West siberian laika KAJUS URALO MESKA, own. Rolandas Alekna - without diploma
11. West siberian laika KLAIDAS, own. Ligitas Preimontas - without diploma
12. West siberian laika ROCKY, own. Toomas Juhalo - without diploma
13. Finnish spitz RASAKELLO, own. Jogita Berce - without diploma

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